Let’s start a Climate Of Change

A better future both for climate induced migrants and young people who will face the worst effects of the climate crisis is our goal!


About the Campaign

The voice of youth across the world is central in our campaign!
We will raise awareness, we will fight for effective policies that serve the people and we will act as the protagonists of our future.


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Providing inputs from a CSO perspective, bringing the voices of thousands of #people at #policy level discussion on 🇪🇺 Long-Term Vision for #Rural Areas; during the @ruralinterfaces session “Governance and membership of the Multi-Actor Platforms”

➡️ https://t.co/kebs2e5NmF https://t.co/kjV8dXtiaS
@ThomasNowakEU @CiaranCuffe @Green_Europe @electrifyheat Nope, you can't keep the lights on using the two legged chair of wind and solar. Storage will never scalable or economical enough. And no one is going to lend their car battery to the grid when they need to drive somewhere the next day. Or schedule washing their clothes.
Deeply concerning news exposed by @EddyWax @POLITICOEurope, revealing #EUFarm2Fork reforms in deep peril 📢

@EUCommission must stand by its commitments and prove that its #GreenDeal was more than hot air 🤥 https://t.co/b9MiBTPSQU


We are a consortium consisting of 16 partners
from 13 different countries in Europe led by WeWORLD – GVC