Let’s start a Climate Of Change

A better future both for climate induced migrants and young people who will face the worst effects of the climate crisis is our goal!


About the Campaign

The voice of youth across the world is central in our campaign!
We will raise awareness, we will fight for effective policies that serve the people and we will act as the protagonists of our future.


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Many highly toxic #mercury products are banned in the EU

⚠️ But the EU continues to export those overseas

The promised reform of the #MercuryRegulation could fix this 🌍🌱

😕 The @EU_Commission should NO longer delay improvements

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Después no hay presupuesto para restaurar el pavimento del carril bici en Palma. Lo usáis para cubrir de alquitrán espacios naturales que no lo necesitan.

@CiudadesCaminan @CiudadesAmigas @Agenda2030_ @Agenda2030Gob #nextgenerationeu @Green_Europe @greenpeace_esp @F_Armengol
II Convocatoria del Fondo de Fundaciones de
Impacto de la que formamos parte junto a otras 19 fundaciones para financiar empresas y proyectos que apoyan a colectivos vulnerables en #España!
Presenta tu proyecto aquí👇: https://t.co/5n5qryZBfi
@fsdespierto @FAlbeniz @AxSolidaridad https://t.co/cln4EC3NyK


We are a consortium consisting of 16 partners
from 13 different countries in Europe led by WeWORLD – GVC