The human face of climate change

A better future both for climate induced migrants and young people who will face the worst effects of the climate crisis is our goal!


About the Campaign

The voice of youth across the world is central in our campaign!

We will raise awareness, we will fight for effective policies that serve the people and we will act as the protagonists of our future.


In The Spotlight

European Parliament must show greater ambition on climate migration, civil society groups urge.
A resolution being drafted by the European Parliament’s Development Committee must raise the bar on EU action to mitigate the impact of climate change on vulnerable populations.

Latest News


8 minutes ago
Patrick George Zaki, a graduate student at @UniboMagazine and @EIPR researcher, remains imprisoned in #Egypt. Join us in calling on @AlsisiOfficial to ensure his immediate release!
#freepatrickzaki https://t.co/w6yZqEalBD
18 minutes ago
Arriva la “Pharma & Biotech Recruiting Week”, settimana dedicata al settore Farmaceutico e delle Biotecnologie ideata per incrociare le realtà aziendali e sia studenti che laureati interessati a una carriera professionale nel settore.


#Unibo #biotech https://t.co/ocvV5WKUNg
34 minutes ago
NEW EVIDENCE shows that "greening GDP growth" is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY to ever halt the current climate breakdown & mass extinction event. We need to and we CAN act as if our house is on 🔥.
Spread the word: https://t.co/SO282lDNcR
#decoupling #debunked
#postgrowth #sustainability https://t.co/9A2w4qtr3h
37 minutes ago
As President Biden signs the US back up to the #UNParisAgreement, @HeikeSchroeder, professor of environmental governance @developmentuea, says timing wise this U-turn in the country’s climate policy is excellent: https://t.co/CFM6fKLsDZ

@ClimateUEA_ #ClimateofChange #UEA https://t.co/qaBca3CSjU
38 minutes ago
An Olympic champion’s testimony has sparked a #MeToo movement in Greece, where 9 out of 10 women have faced #SexualHarassment at work.

@ActionAidHellas is calling on the Greek government to #RatifyC190 to end sexual violence at work.

@nstamouli @politico https://t.co/QF33C6BeKB
39 minutes ago
We are proud to announce that @UniboMagazine @SHELTER_EU partners have finally published "Investigating the Integration of Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Management into Urban Planning Tools. The Ravenna Case Study" Check it here!➡️ https://t.co/VIWUu8i4fi


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