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A better future both for climate induced migrants and young people who will face the worst effects of the climate crisis is our goal!


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The voice of youth across the world is central in our campaign!
We will raise awareness, we will fight for effective policies that serve the people and we will act as the protagonists of our future.


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@ale_moretti @jhuitema @DavidCormand @delarabur @jessicapolfjard 💸We all love a bargain, but don't be fooled by the price tag.

Illegal online imports:

❌Increase pollution and overconsumption
❌Encourage unfair competition to EU industry
❌Mislead consumers and
❌Undermine the EU Green Deal
💻😕How can the EU ensure only products that comply with its sustainability rules are sold online to EU consumers?

🔎Currently it’s very hard!

👖💄We need more liability for online imports in the #ESPR!

Read the full report: https://t.co/kHUzBRbWas https://t.co/1Tsw46qZtT
👚💻🔋Everybody wants to shop sustainably

🙀 But unsustainable products sold online keep flooding the market

3⃣1⃣ organisations from industry and NGOs alike agree: we need stricter rules on online imports in #ESPR

Joint statement: https://t.co/GZHkzcCIx5 https://t.co/AjdYSrH0VP
Today's @IPCC_CH report tells us 1.5 °C is out of reach without urgent action⏳

🫣 We can't afford another #DieselGate scandal with illegal emissions putting us all in peril

👀 @EP_legal must secure a future-proof position on #EnvironmentalCrime tomorrow👉 https://t.co/1ozdLiS7pU https://t.co/Jh0ixDDg99
🤔 Are you wondering how much money we need to fight the #climatecrisis? Or how can we #finance the #justtransition?

🎉 All those questions will be answered in this second webinar on Fiscal Policies for a Sustainable Future!

Join us 👉 https://t.co/MnGNEhvKi7 https://t.co/hVEq7VhnFG


We are a consortium consisting of 16 partners
from 13 different countries in Europe led by WeWORLD – GVC