This is a series of interviews with people in the field of Climate of Change and Migration.

The voice of experts across the world is central in our campaign! We will raise awareness, we will fight for effective policies  that serve people and we will act as the protagonists of our future.

We at #ClimateofChange have a bold mission: we believe that, in this interconnected world, the only way forward is to simultaneously address multiple crises and demand action to create a just and sustainable future and a human economy.

Watch our Podcast Episodes Here

CoC Podcast #1: The impact of climate change on displaced populations with Katja Saha

Speaker: Ms. Katja Saha, Representative of UNHCR Cyprus
Watch: Podcast #1

CoC Podcast #2: The role and the perception of youth in Cyprus.

Speaker: Mr Andreas Aggeli -Activist
Watch: Podcast #2

CoC Podcast #3: Climate of Change, How to deal with it

Speaker: Xenia Loizidou, Chairman of the Board of Directors “AKTI”
Watch: Podcast #3

CoC Podcast #4: Ecosystem services and individual responsibility

Speaker: Klelia Vasilleiou, Environment Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus
Watch: Podcast #4

CoC Podcast #5: The role of business in environmental sustainability. Challenges and Prospects.

Speaker: Kyriakos Parpounas, Sustainability Leader, Grant Thornton
Watch: Podcast #5

CoC Podcast #6: The EU’s role in climate change and the involvement of young Europeans

Speaker: Dimitris Papadakis, MEP elected by EDEK
Watch: Podcast #6

CoC Podcast #7: Climate Change and the Cypriot reality

Speaker: Charalambos Theopemptou, President of the Cyprus Green Party at Cyprus Green Party
Watch: Podcast #7