Hungary: 126 students participated at the national youth debate contest


Hungary: 126 students participated at the national youth debate contest

In Hungary, Hungarian Baptist Aid organized the national youth debate contest as part of the #ClimateOfChange project that is simultaneously carried out in 13 European countries. The debate motions were about climate change and its effects: consumption patterns resulting in harmful emissions, pollution and consequential climate migration. One of the main goals of the debate contest was to strengthen conversational culture because it is such an important skill to conduct constructive dialogue about the most relevant social issues.

In Hungary, a total of 126 students competed in 24 teams during 43 rounds and for a total of 3870 minutes. The debates were held in English and Hungarian according to high standards, and the students based their arguments on serious researches. It was a great honor to have the President of Hungary, Mr. János Áder as the patron of the finals that were held at the beautiful Hungarian National Museum set in the heart of Budapest, and it was exciting to see several media channels cover the debates and the award ceremony.

The team named “PB” from Széchenyi High School in Pécs city won the first place in the Hungarian language competition for secondary schools. In the English language competition, “Sapere Aude” from Engame Academy in Budapest took the first spot. On the university level, the “Argue-Mentals” team of The University of Public Service was the winner.  The latter two teams will represent Hungary in the Pan-European international final, which will be held in Brussels in November 2021, with the participation of 13 countries and hundreds of contestants.

Watch the video of the final debates in Hungary!


Photo credits: Hungarian Baptist Aid

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