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Can art explain how climate change affects migration?

We think so! That’s why we asked the artists of Magda Clan and the Flic Circus School to design a contemporary circus show to represent the drama of climate disasters in different corners of the planet and to take it on tour to 10 European venues.

The artists impersonate communities affected by floods, melting permafrost, desertification and wildfires and the struggle they live, alongside the concept of human mobility. All with the aim of engaging the audience and telling showing them how our actions have a global impact.

The show starts from real and representative stories of global phenomena to create a captivating scenic game but also witness the human drama, as well as the use and abuse of images of the lives of climate-induced migrants.

The objective? Create a symbolic context in which the public can recognise their daily lives and invite them to reflect on how their choices – and their political choices – impact on the rest of the world.

The show will be in Bulgaria on 24 and 25 July.Find out more here 
The show will be in Slovenia on 6 and 7 August.Find out more here 
Stay tuned, dates coming soon!
Stay tuned, dates coming soon!
Stay tuned, dates coming soon!
Stay tuned, dates coming soon!
Stay tuned, dates coming soon!
Stay tuned, dates coming soon!
Stay tuned, dates coming soon!

1. THE PERFORMANCE. weLAND – a journey to a new era

A contemporary circus outdoor show with 6 acrobats, 1 actor, 4 musicians.

The show does not use the language of the prose. The themes underlying the show are evoked through paradox, excess, and the absurd. The plot is built on the imagery of a collective migration. It evolves through individual presentations of the acrobats in the cages, towards more and more collective action by the acrobats.

The live soundtrack makes use of numerous acoustic, electronic, and self-made instruments to generate a wide-ranging and cross-cutting soundscape of great impact.

2. MOSS GRAFFITI. What if we made a mural with moss?

The activity includes a workshop for the creation of natural paint followed by a participatory – and performative – moss mural in various points of the city.

The moss works will remain in the cities and the population will be called to take care of them as a symbolic act of respect and attention to the Planet.

3. BARBER SHOP – Change your head

What if, along with split ends, we also remove bad habits?

This is the goal of the barber shop: a performative and free haircut that gives a new look to our daily actions.

Hairstylists together with the artists of #ClimateOfChange and local circus schools, will not only change your hairstyle but will try to provoke a “change of perspective” to young people.


There is an added value to the #ClimateOfChange tour consisting in reaching new sectors and people in our campaign action. Reciprocal activities by local partners and circus schools and artists will enrich the programme of the tour.

Specifically, an activity carried out with circus schools  in which local artists will make a video talking about climate data with performative actions in symbolic places in the city.