Policy Paper: Development and Climate Change – Impacts and (In)sustainability


As we enter the last decade for achievement of the 2030 Agenda, it is important to reinforce the efforts to increase the positive impact of policies and the effectiveness of development processes, which is particularly important in the case of climate change, since scientists consider the next 10 years as the last opportunity to limit global warming to an appropriate level.

The Policy Paper:Development and Climate Change – Impacts and (Un)sustainability by Patricia Magalhães Ferreira analyses some of the main challenges and (in)consistencies in the interconnection be­tween climate change and development. In fact, in addition to the health emergency caused by the pandemic, there is the economic crises and the al­ready existing climate emergency, in a combination of factors with disruptive impacts on people’s lives, which makes policy coherence even more relevant.

A brief analysis of the interconnection between cli­mate change and development is carried out and inconsistencies in these policies are identified, al­lowing recommendations to be made so that both can contribute in a more coherent and integra­ted way to a more just, sustainable and inclusive world. The findings and recommendations are also, although not limited to this objective, a contribu­tion to the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union Council.

This study was elaborateded in the framework of the #CoherenceInThePresidency project and is also supported by the #ClimateofChange project.


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The #CoherenceInThePresidency – Advocacy for Global Development project is implemented by the FEC – Fundação Fé e Cooperação, IMVF and the CIDSE network, and co-financed by Camões – Institute for Cooperation and Language, I.P. (Portuguese Cooperation).

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