Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The project “End Climate Change, Start Climate of Change”, is funded by the European Union under the DEAR (Education and Awareness Raising) project and aims at informing and training young people in 13 European countries on the connection between climate change and immigration, thus mobilizing people at the same time in order to change their lifestyle, and demanding new development policies. ActionAid Hellas participates in the project as a partner and administers the website as part of the EU funded project “End Climate Change, Start Climate of Change”.

Terms of Use:

1. Introduction:

The aim of the present document is to state the terms and regulations that govern the use (henceforth“Terms of Use”) of the website, which “ActionAid Hellas” – a non-profit partnership based in Athens, Leoforos Mesogeion 204, 1st Floor, 15561, Holargos (henceforth “Organization”) working for a world free of poverty and injustice in the developing countries – has established, within the terms of the EU funded project “End Climate Change, Start Climate of Change”.

All the webpages accommodated in the aforementioned website of the Organization (henceforth “Webpage”) pertain to the present Terms of Use. The Webpage Terms of Use do not pertain webpages accommodated by other organizations with a separate website or other ActionAid national agencies that may be linked to the Webpage. Users of these webpages must get informed on the privacy policy of the individual webpages they visit.

2. Conditions of Use:

Visitors/users of the Webpage (henceforth “Users”) must read carefully the present Terms of Use before any use of the Webpage. Use of the Webpage bears proof that the user has studied, comprehended and accepted all the terms mentioned in it. In the event users do not agree with the Webpage Terms of Use, they must refrain from using its services.

The Terms of Use are valid for the whole content of the Webpage (henceforth “content”) which – for instance – contains texts, pictures, graphics, photographs, images, video, sound, archives.

The present Terms of Use can be revised and updated at any time without any prior warning. Users are obliged to check the Webpage for possible changes on the Terms of Use and, if they continue using this Webpage, it is presumed that they have conceded the alterations of its Terms of Use.

3. User Responsibility:

The users of the Webpage are obliged to conform to the rules and provisions of the Greek, European and International law and abstain from any unlawful and abusive behavior while using the Webpage and in relation to it. The users of the Webpage are responsible for any damage that may be caused to the Organization, because of bad or fraudulent use of the Webpage and the services offered through it.

In the event that the Organization is involved in any court case or is obligated to grant compensation of any sort, which arose from the violation of the obligations of the users, as they are determined in the present Terms of Use, the user undertakes the responsibility to compensate the Organization for the incurred damage.

4. Limitation of Liability of the Organization:

The Organization pursues to serve the users of the Webpage in the best possible way, doing its best so that the information and the whole content of its Webpage are governed by accuracy, precision, coherence, proficiency and availability.

Yet, the Organization is unable to vouch for the appropriateness of the content of the Webpage for any use, application or cause. Under no circumstances, including even negligibility, can the Organization be held responsible for any sort of damage that may be caused to the user of the Webpage due to its usage. The latter acts upon their own initiative and having acknowledged the present Terms of Use.

Similarly, the Organization is unable to vouch that the Webpage or any other relevant website or servers through which the content of the Webpage is accessible to the users, can be provided virus or other harmful components free.

Under no circumstances and in no case, is the Organization responsible, including the case of negligence, for any subsequent, ancillary, indirect, particular compensation or expenses or fines that may arise from claims submitted by third parties from or in relation to the use, copying or the presentation of this Webpage or its contents or some other linked webpage, regardless of the fact that the Organization had been notified, was aware or should have been aware of this probability.

5. Copyright and Trademarks:

The copyright of the whole content of the Webpage, apart from the explicitly mentioned exceptions (copyrights for third parties) belongs to the Organization and it is protected by the relevant legislation of the Greek law, the European law and the international conventions and treaties.

The Organization reserves the rights for all copyright, regarding the content of the Webpage and the copies created based on it.

The content of the Webpage is provided to the users for personal use and it is subject to changes, without prior warning, based on the Organization’s judgement. Without the written consent of the lawful representatives of the Organization, it cannot be transferred to third parties with or without receiving something in return, copied, reproduced, altered, republished, transmitted or distributed in any way or with any means.

The rest of the products or services mentioned in the electronic pages of the present Webpage that bear the trademarks of the corresponding organizations, companies, body collaborators and any sort of public or private law entities comprise intellectual and industrial property of the corresponding bodies and for any use of the content of these webpages, the written consent of each beneficiary must be obtained.

6. Underage users

Underage users of the Webpage are allowed to have access to the services provided by the Webpage only with prior consent of their parents and guardians.

7. Access to the information:

The submission of the user’s personal information entails the automatic consent to using it.

The Organization demands that their employees and those in change of the maintenance of the Webpage provide users with the security level mentioned in the present privacy policy statement.

In no other circumstances is the Organization allowed to communicate to third parties the users’ personal information without their prior consent, unless this is requested through legal procedures.

Under certain circumstances, it is allowed or it is imposed by law or on the grounds of a court order to – without prior consent of the users of the Webpage – collect, use and reveal the personal information which has been submitted electronically.

8. Cookies:

The Organization is entitled to use Cookies as part of facilitating the process and also operate its services through its Webpage. Cookies are small files (text files) sent and kept in the user’s computer, allowing webpages, like the present, to function uneventfully devoid of any technical problems, collect multiple choices made by the user, recognize frequent users, facilitate their access to each webpage and collect information that can improve the content of the Webpage. Cookies do not cause damage either to the user’s computer or to the files stored in it. The Organization uses Cookies in order to provide the user with information, and they are automatically deleted upon exit from the site. It must be noted that Cookies are of the utmost necessity to secure the proper function of this Webpage.

9. Correction, alteration or deletion of information:

In the event that the user wishes to have some piece of information pertaining to them deleted, the Organization will act accordingly to carry out this change immediately.

Users can contact the Organization through Email at the emailing address [email protected] or call at 212 000 6300 in order to have access, alter or delete their personal information, mention problems during the use and function of the Webpage or in order to submit a query.

The Organization takes all the necessary precautions in order to protect the Webpage users’ personal information, but the protection of the passwords to gain access to it depends on the users themselves.

10. Transaction security:

The Organization is bound, as regards the provision of security, privacy and integrity of the information collected about the Webpage users. To be more specific, the Organization has adopted procedures that protect privacy. These procedures protect the users’ personal information against any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or malpractice and alteration or destruction. They also help certify that this information is accurate and correctly used.

To be more specific, the Organization has applied the proper technical measures in order to secure the users’ personal information against loss or any sort of illegal manipulation.

11. Acceptance of the protection procedures for privacy:

Use of the Webpage bears proof for automatic and explicit acceptance of the present privacy policy, as well as the aforementioned Terms of Use of the Webpage.

12. Applicable law and other conditions:

The Webpage Terms of Use, as well as any alteration or change inflicted upon them, are governed and completed by the Greek legislature, the European legislature and the relevant international treaties.

If any clause of the Terms of Use is found to be in contrast to the aforementioned legislatures or if it is rendered inactive, it automatically ceases to apply, without intervening with the functions of the rest of the terms.

This comprises the total agreement between the Organization and the Webpage users and it is mandatory for them exclusively.

No alteration to the present Terms of Use will be taken into consideration nor will it comprise part of this agreement, unless it is stated in writing and embodied in it.

It is explicitly stipulated that any discrepancies that may arise from the application of the present Terms of Use, unless they are resolved in a friendly manner, will be governed by the Greek law and fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.

Privacy Policy

We would like to reassure you that ActionAid Hellas takes measures so that your personal information is protected and it is safely kept. Below, you can find detailed information about the way ActionAid Hellas uses your information.

Which personal information do we collect?

We collect personal information (like name, address, telephone, email) and only other necessary information.

Why do we need it?

The information we collect is necessary so that we are able to inform you about the actions and news of our project, as well as the important results they have.

Who has access to it?

We do not sell your personal information under any circumstances nor do we share it with third parties for advertising/promotion purposes.

Only ActionAid Hellas authorized personnel and the partners of the project Climate of Change have access to it.


Communication includes updating on the actions of the “End Climate Change, Start Climate of Change” project. In case you do not wish to receive this material in the future, please contact us.

What are your rights?

You are entitled to ask for a copy of your personal information that is kept in our archives. It is very important to provide accurate personal information. If you consider that some piece of information provided is wrong, you can ask for it to be corrected or deleted. If you have any comments on the way we deal with your personal information, please contact directly the authorized employee in charge of the ActionAid Hellas privacy policy, Mr Haris Thanasoulas (email: [email protected], tel: +30 212 000 6300).