The Campaign

Why act?

For years, we have been facing numerous man-made crisis that are destroying lives and livelihoods across the world: from the climate emergency to economic injustices, forced migration and the loss of lives at our external borders, millions of people suffer as a result of weak policies and inaction.

As we examine more the connection between climate emergency and forced migration, climate-fuelled disasters were the number one driver of internal displacement of people over the last decade –forcing an estimated 20 million people a year from their homes.

Today, people are three times more likely to be forced to move out of their homes by cyclones, floods and wildfires than by conflict. Especially the most vulnerable communities in the Global South that have done little to cause the climate problem, face the highest risk of climate-fuelled displacement.

We at #ClimateofChange have a bold mission: we believe that, in this interconnected world, the only way forward is to simultaneously address multiple crises and demand action to create a just and sustainable future and a human economy.

Young people across the world are raising their voices and taking action to protect the future of the planet by calling governments to fight climate change. We should follow their lead.

But climate change is already happening, and the most vulnerable communities bear the brunt of its effects, their lives are being devastated and sometimes forced to migrate to survive and become climate migrants.

Their voices will be central in our campaign. Our objective is to highlight the connection between migration, climate change and and the need to transform our economy and change our everyday lives. Our vision to promote the needs and protect the human rights of all people, without exploiting others and destroying the environment.

In order to create a socially and ecologically just economy, we will raise awareness, we will fight for effective policies that serve the people and we will act as the protagonists of our future.

We will leave
no one behind!

It’s high time for
a climate of change

Our campaign is calling young people, to be part of the change already happening, to join forces with the numerous initiatives
across the world and to inspire other people to take action.

National, European and global authorities must and can do more to adopt ambitious and sustainable migration and climate policies.

Together we can create a climate of change, a just and sustainable world.

Join the movement!

Here’s what you can do now